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Google Lens

Point n shoot AI

The amazing Google Lens system, which was previewed at Google I/O 2017, is coming to all Android devices running Google Photos.

Google Lens scans the image in the camera to provide more information at what your phone is looking at. Using Googles years of photo storage and analysys in the back end as a reference, it does a great job of matching what appears on the screen with what it knows about the image. A new "lens" icon appears as a control when you've snapped one, and tapping it will tell you you're looking at the Eiffel Tower, a labrador or a hummingbird, for example.

Google Lens first appeared on the Pixel 2 and was announced for all applicable Android devices at MWC 2018, with an iOS version to follow.

Beyond recognition

It's been 10 years since Google launched Google Goggles, an app to do basically the same thing as the current Google Lens but since abandoned after the Google Lens release.

The integration with Google Photos is cool too - this means you can now trawl through the past images you've taken and see what Google's AI know about what they show.