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I know what you're thinking

Evolution. Here's a profound question - does it only apply to life? That leads to the even bigger one of what life actually is.

We've seen computing power accelerate at phenomenal rates in just a couple of generations. We sent men to the moon using less computing power than in a calculator made 20 years ago and used less memory than it takes to show the image on your home screen. Together with the massive increases in connectivity via the internet, which enabled mind boggling amounts of rich, real time data to be available, means we are on the cusp of nothing less than another industrial revolution, the one powered by AI.

Cloud AI on your Smartphone

All this intelligence and connectivity lives in the cloud. Us ordinary humans need a way to interact with it in a way which is easy, convenient and relevant. This means mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, wearables and so on. No matter how smart the AI, if we can't interact with it in a way that makes sense to us, it's no use. This interaction can take many forms, such as the displays we're used to, voice (both ways), buzzes, beeps, prods and things we just haven't thought of yet. Collectively, the terms used for the mechanism the AI uses to do this is the Agent. You might have an Agent on your Smartphone with a cute puppy avatar which reminds you to pick up your umbrella if you go out walking because the forecast is for rain later. You might ask your agent to tell you during the match every time a goal is scored. The Agent is the software on the device which you interact with, and in turn interacts with the AI to filter, manage and communicate with you.

We're seeing the genesis of various agents now. Cortana, Google Now, Alexa, Siri - all software based front ends for basic AI based back ends. Turn by turn mapping systems have been around a while too, and they show traffic which is all gathered in real time from the AI-like systems up there in the cloud.

That AI is getting smarter every day. In fact, it's almost like it's evolving. As are its Agents.

We created this site so you can keep an eye on just how far advanced Smartphone Agents are. And how they are evolving.

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